Gian Paolo De Santi, Andrea Mallus, and Zakaria Abderrafi. Three men, three friends. 

The company Happydemy was born in 2015 from the original idea of the Founder, Gian Paolo De Santi, born in 2011. Andrea Mallus, immediately relied on the idea of Gian Paolo, becoming the co-founder of the project. Gian Paolo and Andrea grew up together within this project, solidifying more and more their great friendship. A constant and daily work, without stops of any kind, convinced of a vision that could change the lives of millions of people. Tests, failures, trials but with a well-defined goal in their minds. Thus comes 2017, where a live presentation made directly by the Founder Gian Paolo De Santi, among the audience, there was the one who would become the third fundamental column of the company, Zakaria Abderrafi. From that moment the three became inseparable. Thanks to Zakaria, the company began its international expansion, beginning to operate in some French-speaking countries, including France. Thus began the great history of our company.

Our Road Map

Idea Foundation
First Start Up Tornado Promotion
Happydemy Community Funding
Buzzee Chat App
Beta Phase
Official Launch Final Phase
International Expansion

Gian Paolo De Santi

CEO - Founder
Gian Paolo was born in Trieste (ITA) in 1981, from an unemployed Italian-Mexican mother and an Italian-French artist's father.
He had immediately the opportunity to learn different ways of thinking between a pleasant South American warmth and the French patriotism, where freedom, equality, and fraternity are the symbols of an entire culture everything combined with being Italian, synonymous with high quality of thought, creativity, and lifestyle.

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Andrea Mallus

Andrea was born in Cagliari (ITA) from a simple family of traditional workers. But from an early age, he had a rebellious soul, which often led him to clash with what were the rules of "normal life.“ Over time, new opportunities have arrived, and from one of these, he met Gian Paolo, wherefrom the beginning, a particular feeling was born.

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Zakaria Abderrafi

Zakaria was born in Geneve (CH) from a Swiss-German mother and a Moroccan father in 1989. He grew up between Swiss, France, and Italy, combining the luxury lifestyle of Italy and Switzerland with a Moroccan worldwide recognized “savouir faire”. He spent half of his life traveling. London (UK), San Francisco (US), and the Emerald Coast (IT) gave a great impact on his personal journey of life.

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