Our Goal

We are a pioneer, do you?

We want to leave a legacy. The concept of Happydemy® is new, revolutionary, and never experienced before. Putting the user at the center of the experience. Until now, the digital marketplace has been dedicated to corporate profit. The most powerful companies in the world are the ones with the highest profit. But, let's ask ourselves one question. Who is generating this profit? YOU! So, why is no one really recognizing your participation in this profit? Besides the marketing words used by big groups to smooth your feeling of value, what are they giving you?

Join the richest community in the world

Being part of Happydemy® means being among the richest users in the world. Why? Simply because in Happydemy® everyone has a meritocratic value. No advertising, no tracking, and a meritocratic gain from your content that, finally, are recognized for their true value.

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Artists without intermediaries

How many times have you asked yourself how to share your art without having to go through an intermediary? Finally you can. The concept of Happydemy® is not to give you a showcase to expose yourself (this is offered by everyone), but to make you earn directly from your audience. From your first follower, not after thousands and thousands.

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Sell your niche to the niche

Happydemy® stands for high quality. There are millions of e-commerce, but how many really select the best products in the world, for every single market and offer them to a community that has economic potential? This is what we offer to our Members and to the companies selected by our Whiteshields.

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