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Our Goal

We want to leave a legacy. The concept of Happydemy® is new, revolutionary, and never experienced before. Putting the user at the center of the experience. Until now, the digital marketplace has been dedicated to corporate profit. The most powerful companies in the world are the ones with the highest profit. But, let's ask ourselves one question. Who is generating this profit? YOU! So, why is no one really recognizing your participation in this profit? Besides the marketing words used by big groups to smooth your feeling of value, what are they giving you? We did it. We turned this algorithm, and in Happydemy® you will discover your real value.

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2021 Plan

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A new way to breathe the artistic world. Because for us art comes first. Art is not a business and artists are not products. In our Artenteinment section, you will find artists who are aware of their value and independence. The birth of real interaction between the artist and his audience. 

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There are millions of e-commerce platforms in the world of the Internet, but how many of them actually have a quality control process for the products/services sold? We do.
We only open the doors of our Happydemy® e-boutique to companies that comply with quality standards, and that's just the beginning. And what if you were given economic recognition for the purchases made by your invited members?

Independent media

Indeependent Media

Main stream is full of news and notices, without any filter, and mostly superficials. Our Indeependent Media are not only independent but go in to the deep ot the news, to find the fact-check of each news.

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