“We believe that a circle produces more wellness than a triangle”
Economy meaning from the Greek “oikos” (house, clan, club) and “nomos” (managing).
Happydemy’s Economic Development Plan has been created based on three principles:
  • Community profit
  • Community sharing
  • Circular Economy
We believe that an economy created on these principles can generate a new kind of meritocratic, global, and fair wealth.
We believe that donating is more powerful than keeping.
We believe that knowledge is more powerful than ignorance.
We believe that collaboration is more powerful than the competition.
The Happydemy® Economic System is focused on “what you are” more than “what you have.”  
The new definition of “success” we have established in our Community, understands that money is just a tool rather than our entire life, while time and knowledge are fundamentals.
Our goal is to redefine a new form of success based on a simple algorithm.
We are a successful person when we can do what we want, when we want, how we want, where we want, with whom we want
As you can read from these key elements, our point of view of success is about time, not money.
We also clearly understand that no society can exist without an economy and that no economy can exist without a tool that assigns a value on knowledge, activities, and actions.
We do not believe in bartering, because no science, no technology, no infrastructure could have been created without an economy, without money, but the real concept we want to share is that we use money, we don’t live for it.
Members participate in Platform activities and bear the cost of the management, administration, development, maintenance, and marketing of the Platform.
Members, as described in the Happydemy Code, have access to exclusive services and products, in consideration of the payment of a monthly membership fee.
There are five types of membership available, each of which gives Members access to different levels of services.
Currently, the first level of membership available is Basic, at the cost of £7 (Sterling Pound) per month.
There are two types of access:
  • Guest (30-day trial)
  • Official Member (who pays at least the Basic membership)
With Basic Membership, Members have access to essential services offered by the Platform, such as:
  • The creation and management of a personal profile;
  • The ability to create working groups within the Platform in a protected area;
  • The ability to create promotional pages;
  • The ability to make audio/video calls using tools provided by the Company;
  • The right to form and participate in personal groups;
  • The ability to create Personal Pages using tools provided by the Company;
  • The ability to organize and host Webinars using tools provided by the Company;
  • The ability to broadcast live content via Streaming using tools and technical support provided by the Company;
  • The ability to create Blogs;
  • Access to a large freely accessible file archive;
  • The ability to use our photo editor tool.
Members with Basic membership have access to interactive content relating to thematic areas such as:
  • Tutorials
  • Conferences
  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Access to content and sections created within the Platform and based on the interests of community members.
Such members will also have access to personal advertising tools such as:
  • Moments
  • Featured
  • Spotlight
  • Badges
  • Rankings
  • Contests
  • And other content and services under development (the full list can be found within the Platform), which have been developed taking into account the actual needs and interests of the Members of the community.
Additionally, Members of the Platform receive the highest protection in terms of data, privacy, and can get in touch with professionals of the highest level to receive dedicated information according to their needs.
Also, Official Members have access to debates, training meetings, dedicated working groups, digital co-working, and the right to actively participate in activities created and managed by the Company.
Members can receive rewards and bonuses in HappyCredit based on the activities they perform within the Platform.
Members may also receive these bonuses based on:
  • Content creation
  • Creation of Working Groups
  • Creation of promo pages
  • Blog Creation
  • Direct Donations from Other Members
  • Affiliate Marketing
What is HappyCredit?
To facilitate the carrying out of activities inside our Platform, and because of the multinational nature of our organisation, we have created the HappyCredit (hereinafter HC) to use as a unique tool to do activities inside the Platform.
For more information on HC, please refer to the HappyCredit section below.
Content Creation
Thanks to the features created within the Platform, our Members can receive direct and voluntary donations from other Members, who appreciate the shared content.
Content can be rewarded with our Happy (when a user likes a post), Hearts (when a user loves a post), Sharing (when a user shares a post), and Comments (when a user comments on a post).
For each action made by another user, the content creator gets:
Member Action Reward
Happy The content creator receives 10 HC
Heart The content creator receives 20 HC
Share The content creator receives 10 HC
Comment The content creator receives 20 HC
Creation of Working Groups
Members who have high-value content can create private groups where they can share their content with a close circle of people.
Working Groups may set an entry fee and a monthly fee, which the Creator Member of the Group can choose at his or her discretion.
The cost of the entrance fee can vary from 10 to 1,000,000 HC
The cost of the monthly fee can vary from 10 to 1,000,000 of HC
The cost for the opening of a Working Group is 500 HC.
The taxes on the Working Groups are 10% on revenue.
All groups created must be validated by our Whiteshield department, which continually reviews and monitors the quality of the groups created and the information entered within them.
Additionally, the group creator can decide to donate a % of the fees collected by the group creator, ranging from 5% to 75% of the entry fees and monthly fees, to all the promoters of his Group within the Platform.
Creation of Promotional Pages (under development)
Members who wish to promote their personal and/or professional activities can create a Promotional Page.
Promotional Pages allow Professional Members and Companies to promote their services/products.
All the Promotional Pages created must be validated by our Whiteshield department, which continually reviews and monitors the quality of the groups created and the information entered within them.
All the services/products which are promoted may be connected to a digital shop in the Store section of the Platform.
The cost for the opening of a Promotional Page is 2,500 HC.
The taxes on the Promotional Pages are 10% on revenue.
All Promotional Pages created must be validated by our Whiteshield department, which continually reviews and monitors the quality of the pages created and the information entered within them.
Additionally, Members may reward the contents of the creator of the page with direct donations:
Member Action Reward
Love the Page Page creator receives 20 HC
Happy Page creator receives 10 HC
Heart Page creator receives 20 HC
Share Page creator receives 10 HC
Comment Page creator receives 20 HC
Blog Creation (Under Development)
Happydemy Members who wish to promote their content on an ongoing basis can create a Blog.
The cost of creating a Blog is 1,000 HC.
The taxes on Blogs are 10% on revenue.
The creator of a Blog may create a monthly or single content subscription.
The Blog can receive direct donations from Members.
All blogs created must be validated by our Whiteshield department, which continually reviews and monitors the quality of the blogs created and the information entered within them.
Additionally, Members may reward the content of the creator of the page with direct donations.
Member Action Reward
Love the blog Blog creator receives 20 HC
Happy Blog creator receives 10 HC
Heart Blog creator receives 20 HC
Share Blog creator receives 10 HC
Comment Blog creator receives 20 HC
We believe that donating is more powerful than keeping.
Why do average people want to keep, while rich people want to share?
There is a very sophisticated concept that says: “Donate at least 50% of your wealth, and you will receive the 50% more of what you have donated”.
This is the secret to why the wealthiest people on the planet become philanthropists.
The actual economy is based on spending; we are based on donations. If everyone spends, just a few earn. If everyone donates, everyone earns.
The actual economy is based on debt. We are based on the non-profit. Our Members can donate for everything and directly to other Members.
We have been able to digitalize the busker’s concept of “passing the hat.”What does that mean?
You watch the show. You love it. You donate.
On our Platform, the concept is the same.
You watch/see content, you love it, you donate.
But this time, we do not restrict it to buskers only. Now it is accessible to everyone.
On the Platform, Members may make Direct Donations or Indirect Donations.

Direct donations allow our Members to reward another Member’s content and may be carried out through a Reaction or a Direct Transfer.
When a Member loves content, it can add a reaction to that content.
The reaction’s values are:
Reaction Value
Happy 10 HC
Heart 20 HC
Share 10 HC
Comment 20 HC
If a Member wants to donate more, it can do a direct transfer to the content creator.
Buying products and services in the Platform is a form of indirect donation because 20% of the profit generated by purchase is shared within the Community with the sponsorship line of that Member. This is openly explained in our Affiliate System. 
How the HappyCredit works?
HappyCredit is a voucher system. HC can be earned (from donations and the Affiliate System) and/or purchased through the wallet section inside the Platform.HC cannot be purchased outside the Platform and cannot be used with any system other than Happydemy’s applications.
Members may not use available credit as a payment guarantee or payment promise in favor of third parties. This credit is also not assignable in any way to third parties.

HappyCredits ManagementThe HAPPYDEMY CLUB LTD manages the HappyCredit voucher system.
HAPPYDEMY CLUB LTD has its registered office at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ, and is registered to Companies House under the number 12591755.
HAPPYDEMY CLUB LTD is a limited company by guarantee, meaning that there are no shareholders, but just Members who may not receive any profit.
HAPPYDEMY CLUB LTD is a non-profit company that develops all the projects for the Happydemy Community.
For further information, please refer to https://happydemy.org

HappyCredit purchaseHappyCredit can be purchased only by credit card up to 250,000HC (£2,500) using the third-party payment processor (you can read Stripe privacy policy here https://stripe.com/us/privacy) or Bank Transfer to the currency available at the moment of the purchase with a maximum limit per year on KYC level.

HappyCredit value
To keep a stable value of our HappyCredit (for purchases and donations), we have decided to base the value of HC on the value of the Pound sterling (the official currency of the United Kingdom, “GBP”).
To simplify operations, we have decided upon a fixed value of 1 HC = 0.01 GBP.
This means that 100 HC = 1 GBP.
To protect the value, and to do not allow forex, trading, and speculation over the value of HappyCredit, we may ask the user to have a GBP account.

Transaction between Members
Based on the KYC level, each Member is allowed to support themselves through the HappyCredit system, but any transfer will have to be described accurately.
General descriptions will immediately alert the Whiteshields who will be entitled to ask for more information about the transfer.
On KYC level, Members can transfer between users a maximum per day of:
  • LV1 2,500HC
  • LV2 10,000HC
HappyCredit redemption
As we consider HappyCredit to be a voucher that can be used to do activities inside our Platform, Official Members can redeem these vouchers from their wallet to their bank account.
To protect HappyCredit from any kind of forex, trading, and speculation, we have decided that the vouchers can be redeemed only to GBP accounts.
To facilitate this operation, we have an agreement with a payment processor that allows our Members to create a multi-currency account to convert their vouchers in GBP.
Every redemption must be approved by the Platform’s admin that can request, from time to time, any information about the redemption.
Administrators have the right to refuse the refund of a voucher at their discretion, without any justification in cases where the requesting Member is under internal investigation, the origin of the voucher is unclear or for any other reason specified in this document and/or the Happydemy Code.
Vouchers can be redeemed only to a GBP bank account.
Every time a Member redeems a voucher, a 10% contribution fee will be deducted from the total amount redeemed. This contribution will be donated to the HAPPYDEMY CLUB LTD.

(Anti Money Laundering) 
KYC (Know Your Customer)
Official Members are those who have been fully KYC verified (Email, Mobile, and ID).
We have two levels of KYC:
  • LV1 – email, phone, and ID verified
  • LV2 – email, phone, ID, proof of address
LV1 allows Members to purchase a maximum of 1,000,000 HC per year of HappyCredit.
This amount is not considered the purchases of services/products.
LV2 allows Members to purchase a maximum of 5,000,000 HC per year of HappyCredit.
This amount is not considered the purchases of services/products. 
All the records of the transactions are encrypted and securely saved and can be released upon authorities’ requests if required by law, and for proven or suspected illegal activities using HappyCredit.In the case of anomalous use of HappyCredit, suspected Members will be temporarily blocked, and Happydemy is entitled to ask for any information it may require about the use of that suspected Member’s HappyCredit. 
HappyCredit is an appropriate tool created for our Official Members only.
All the transactions and the number of HappyCredits circulating in the Platform are monitored continuously.
Every transaction must have a proven and valid reason.
Transactions can be made for the purposes of Donations and the purchase of Services/Products.
Any other activity not mentioned in the Economic Development Plan is not allowed.
Forbidden activities for the use of HappyCredit are partially listed as the following:
  • Transaction for trades and deals outside the Platform
  • Transaction for cash exchange
  • Payments of debts or any third-party request
  • Illegal activities
  • Regulated activities
Even where HappyCredit is used for a permitted activity, Happydemy has full discretion to request information about the use of HappyCredit.
Abnormal use of HappyCredit will result in the immediate suspension of the Member who has made such use;
Happydemy shall have the right to request all necessary information on the use of HappyCredit and to cancel the effects of such use. 
To give stability to our HappyCredits, we fixed it on the Sterling Pound (GBP). Every purchase with a currency other than GBP is subject to an exchange fee.
Because we use an external payment processor (Stripe), the exchange fee is not under our control.
The minimum amount to redeem a voucher is 2,000 HC (£20).
On each redemption, a 10% contribution fee is deducted from the total amount redeemed.
HAPPYDEMY CLUB LTD will receive the contribution.
On each redemption, a fixed bank cost fee of 64 HC (£0.64) is deducted.
FEE Description
10% Community contribution. This fee allows the development of new projects.
£0.64 Bank fee to transfer HC amount to GBP.  Members are responsible for paying them.
% The exchange fee depends on Member local currency. The Member pays them.
All the HappyCredit funds are stored in a specific bank account managed by the HAPPYDEMY CLUB LTD.
No interest is earned on HappyCredit and funds are deposited into the bank account to cover any redemptions requested by a Member.

We have defined the Pound sterling (GBP) as the main currency to purchase and redeem the HappyCredits.
In some countries, when required by law, we may allow, by way of a special resolution, the purchase and the redemption of HappyCredits in local currencies.

Official Members have the opportunity to invite other Members onto our Platform.
This activity is rewarded (paid in vouchers) with a bonus of 10%  of the purchases made by the Members invited through the Passcode.
By purchases, what is meant is the following activities:
  • Acquisition of essential services included in the Memberships;
  • Purchases of internal services offered such as Groups Creation, Pages Creation, Spotlights, Blogs;
  • Upgrades of services such as Webinars and File Archive;
  • Purchases of accessory services offered inside the platform.
Additionally, to facilitate the internal sharing of activities, we have created the Community Bonus.
The Community Bonus offers another 10% bonus, which is shared with Members based on indirect purchases from the direct sponsorship line.
In order to grow our Community, three commercial professionals have been enlisted, prepared, and trained to promote the activities, services, and products offered by the Platform.